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Fan de Snir Tabib - 23/09/2011
היי גוסלין,

ציורייך מאוד מרשמים,ציבעוניים,מלאי חיים ויוצאי דופן.

Keep updating us with your unique paintings...

Just a human. de Ervin - 19/08/2011
Dear Jocelyne,

again, very nice painting! That airplane looks like an old C-46 from World war 2 except that back then they did not have such nice paintings on them!

I am looking forward to seeing the next one! Bye for now! Ervin

President of Skull Transport inc. de Ervin - 13/04/2009
Dear Jocelyne, I've been admiring your art for nearly two years now; can't wait to meeting you in Montreal december of 09!

Keep-up the unique work!

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